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About Us

We are a Canadian company that provides an innovative and eco friendly mining service.
Our goal is to offer users a true transparent remote mining experience in a simple, safe, effective and profitable way.


Street address:
1221, rue françois-normand
Levis, QC, G7A 4X6

Tax numbers:
GST (Canada): 744157272RT0001
TVQ (Quebec): 1227314288TQ0001

Business Number:
NEQ (Quebec): 1175263707

Compare Google Street View (the building) with our Instagram photos:


The OP.Farm team met between 2006 and 2016 through a Web Agency. We make a lot of web applications for businesses in Quebec. It was at this point that we developed expertise in coding, managing server rooms and complex networks.

Bitcoin came into our lives in 2014. It was a game changer. Nothing has become important for us, except to support as many Blockchain projects as possible. Whether by PoW, Masternodes, ICOs. We were only talking about this at the Web Agency. We lived the ASICs race: Block Eruptor, Dragon, S1, S2, S4 to finally decide to specialize on projects requiring GPUs. We believe that GPU technology is so advanced that offering more time before it becomes obsolete (than an ASIC).

We mined Dash while the project was still called DarkCoin, participated in the first ICO of the community with the MaidSafe project, solo mine Ethereum with a rig of 6 GPUs, experienced the launch of Ethereum Classic, in the Trollbox of Poloniex, following the failure of DAO, mine firsts Zcash and so many other good adventures.

Being a team of programmers, having finished building our first farm, we couldn't watch our GPUs and wait. Our first awareness was at the software level. We decide to develop our Operating System capable of auto-benchmarking our GPUs on each mining binaries, in search of the best OC parameters to obtain the best Hash per Watt. Our mining strategy quickly followed. We then had a more profitable mining solution than our competitors.

Paying to run ventilators to throw our heat outside, in the middle of Canadian winters, while our neighbors paid to heat their warehouses, we had our second awareness. We had to recover this heat. We then started to build a circular project between our mining operations and a heat partner. For the moment, we have carried out tests on a medium-sized strawberry greenhouse: 2000 strawberry plants. The operation went very well, strawberries grew there in the winters 2018-2019 and 2019-2020.

It was then that we decided to go further, so that we could push our ideas and projects faster. We created the OP.Farm Cloud Mining service and a community has been created since its launch. This community is the essential engine to grow our projects. Economics of scale, ideas from countless people and group motivation are the keys to our team's success.

Thanks for being with us!