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1 C-Unit
Last Days Mining Profitability

Based on recent days, we can estimate the income of 1 C-Unit at
USD $2.31
per day
Date Cryptocurrency Income
2021-04-17 Metaverse USD $2.05
2021-04-16 Metaverse USD $1.97
2021-04-15 Metaverse USD $2.29
2021-04-14 Metaverse USD $2.64
2021-04-13 Metaverse USD $2.60

Daily Income History

This chart compares past daily income to the daily costs of our plans (1 year, 2 years and 4 years). The daily cost of our plans is determined by the cost of the plan divided by the number of days.

Impossible to Predict
Uncontrollable Factors

It’s impossible to predict future mining income, as it depends on uncontrollable factors:

  • Market value: BTC, ETH, and other
  • Value of the cryptocurrency you mine can suddenly increase or decrease
  • Hash rate of other miners on the network
  • Stability of Mining Pools
  • Many other factors
We use a strategy to help detect the best mining opportunities.
This strategy follows the following factors in real time:

  • Value of cryptocurrencies
  • Network Hash rate
This lets you mine the cryptocurrency that seems to be the most lucrative at any time. And we regularly add new cryptocurrencies to our strategy. Note that we may experience problems and our estimates may be wrong. We are doing our best to offer an effective strategy by detecting opportunities.

Special Mining Events

The mining strategy will also help you participate in various specific events:

  • Forks That Change the Mining Algorithm
    For example, on May 6, 2020, Ravencoin goes from X16RV2 to KAWPOW. Try mining a fork at the very beginning, before other miners.

  • New Project Launches
    Think about Zcash. Sometimes the only way to get coins from a new cryptocurrency is to mine them, because they’re not available on exchanges yet.

  • Major Mining Pool Problems
    If a major pool crashes, it can create a drop in hash rate competition, as many miners disconnect. This event can create a short lucrative period for the cryptocurrency in question.

  • And Many More Events!
You can activate the automatic mining strategy from the dashboard.

Transparent Income

Your income doesn’t go through us! It’s paid directly from the Mining Pools to your wallet, and you can follow it in real time.