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Features Trial Normal PRO
Base Mining
You can mine these cryptocurrencies: Aion, Beam, Bitcoin Gold, Nimiq, Ravencoin.
Yes Yes Yes
Full Mining
You can mine these cryptocurrencies: Base Mining, Bitcash, Ethereum, Ethereum-classic, Expanse, Haven Protocol, Metaverse, Monero and Zcoin.
No Yes Yes
Automatic Mining Strategy
The strategy allows you to always mine # 1 without having to make manual switches.
No Yes Yes
Fair Hashrate
When the hashrate is too low, you receive free minutes for all your active contracts. When the hashrate is too high, you lose minutes on all your active contracts.
No Yes Yes
NiceHash Mining
You can mine these cryptocurrencies on NiceHash and get paid in BTC: NiceHash-Beam, NiceHash-ETH and NiceHash-Ravencoin.
No No Yes
Custom Mining Pool
Configure the pools of your choice (stratum, port, user, pass) to mine on more options than our default configurations.
No No Yes
Fair Hashrate Joker
You do not lose minutes when the hasrate is too high.
No No Yes
Boost Hashrate - September 2020
Multiply your C-Units for a limited time. In order to compensate, a boost takes time away from your contract.
No No Yes

Account Level

Level How to get it
Trial Buy 1 C-Unit (Monthly plan)
Normal Buy 1 C-Unit (Yearly plan)
PRO Buy 15 C-Units (1-year)
or Buy 7 C-Units (2-years)
or Buy 5 C-Units (3-years)