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Operation Phoenix is a service provider with a strong customer focus. We felt frustrated by legal texts in the past so we decided to write this page in plain language. We hope that the following paragraphs will help us build a foundation on which we can build a business that benefits everyone involved. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, contact us.

Our offer

We offer processor hosting services (C-Unit) for cryptocurrency mining. This basically means that we operate a server farm that can compute complex math problems for cryptocurrency networks. Helping network solutions to find out these problems is rewarded with units of the cryptocurrency. We operate these computers on your behalf for fees that include everything necessary to perform these calculations. When you buy a hosting contract from us, we manage the entire process from start to finish. This includes, for example, hardware, software, electricity, Internet, insurance, maintenance and repairs. To avoid misunderstandings, all our equipment is and will remain ours.

Quality of service

We can assure you that we are doing everything possible to provide the best in all aspects of our services. What we can not control is the quality of the cryptocurrency network, the stability of pools, the stability of electricity, the stability of the Internet and any other event that may affect our ability to provide our services. There could be breakdowns and there could be unforeseen difficulties during your contract period that are simply beyond our control. What we can guarantee is that we will always do our best to make sure you get what you paid for. In the event of service interruption, we will extend your contract period from any period in which we could not operate.

Electronic wallet and transfers

We will never mine in our portfolios with your C-United, so you must provide your addresses of the portfolios of cryptocurrencies that you mine. To make this possible, you need to open an electronic purse for each cryptocurrency you are interested in. Think of it as a bank account without a bank over which you have total control. Once you have provided us with your portfolios, you will be able to select these cryptocurrencies in the C-Units Management page of the customer area. These are the pools that will make the payments in your portfolios. We have no control over the pools. Take care of your portfolios because we are not responsible for the services we do not provide.

Bugs and errors

It does not matter if we test and test and test again, anyway, small bugs and errors slip from time to time. Although we would like to be able to say that everything will always work, we know you and us that it would not be very honest. Instead, we promise that we will always do our best to repair as soon as possible any aspect of our service that does not work as intended.

Intellectual property

We have worked a lot on our services. This website has not coded itself and all we offer is the result of hard work and dedication. We ask you to respect our intellectual property and help us to continue our activity. Thank you.

Social Networks

Regarding intellectual property, these Facebook articles and tweets on Twitter are all written by our team. We encourage sharing and we will be honored if you decide to write about us. All we ask is that you respect the hard work of our publications and make links to us. We promise that we will always do the same when we find interesting articles to share.


We really hate when our personal data is passed on to third parties. These phone calls and these messages with offers we have never requested. We find this irrelevant and incredibly boring. You can be assured that we will never, under any circumstances, provide your information to a third party as part of our normal operations. The only time we should disclose private information would be if law enforcement contacted us to investigate a crime. Which, we hope, will never happen.

Applicable right

Any dispute or claim against Operation Phoenix is governed by the laws of Canada.